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Prices - Aug 2023 (fixed until 2024)


Basic Mallets:

Standard Club Mallet - 10"


Standard Club Mallet - 11"


Children's Mallet (6 to 11 years of age)


Children's Mallet (12 to 16 years of age)



For all of the following, the total mallet price will be the price of the chosen head plus the price of the chosen shaft plus the price of any optional extras.


Wooden Mallets:

Heads are made from either Cherry, English Elm, Iroko, Maple, Mulberry, Padaulk, Purple Heart, Sapele, Sycamore or Walnut:

Head length of 10" (25.4 cm) -


Head length of 11" (27.9 cm) -


Head length of 12" (30.5 cm) -


Surcharges for heads made from Australian Myrtle, Burbinga, Chechen, Cocobolo (Rosewood), Ebony, Indian Rosewood, Kingwood, Leadwood, Lignum Vitae, Mexican Rosewood, Olive or Satinwood.

+ £35.00


Aluminium Mallets:

10" (25.4 cm) head (natural colour)


10" (25.4 cm) head (grey & black)


11" (27.9 cm) head (natural colour)


11" (27.9 cm) head (grey & black)




Ash shaft only, complete with coloured grip (black, blue, red or yellow)


CF7 - Full length carbon fibre tube with no lower grip


CF8 - Split Carbon Fibre/Duplon shaft for air travel


CF9 - Full length carbon fibre shaft with continuous Duplon from top to lower end


CF10 - Full length carbon fibre tube shaft with any of the coloured tape grips and continuous Duplon lower roll grip


CF11 - Carbon fibre tube with natural cork handle and continuous Duplon grip


If cork is required for CF7 or CF8



Optional Extras:

Side inlay on head

+ £14.00

Mallet weights over 3 lb (1360 g)

+ £6.00

Curved base head

+ £15.00

Initials (up to 4 letters)
(For inscriptions contact me for a quote.)


Carbon fibre shaft lengths over 37" (94.0 cm) and under 40" (101.6 cm). For all shafts over 39" (99 cm) ask for a quotation.

+ £5.00

Tape grip (black, blue, red or yellow (2 m length) - Included with ash shafted mallets.

Tape grip to purchase for refurbishment of own shaft (black, blue, red, yellow or silver)


Full roll of tape grip (approx. 18 m. Enough for 9 shafts)


Additional lead disc weights (per pair)


Stainless steel bolt and Allen key


Extra long ash shafts (over 38") for any of the above handle types


Supply and fit Ash shaft


Conversion from wooden handle to carbon fibre handle


Aluminium socket insert bolt with adjustable weights


Tufnol end caps (per pair)


Supply and fit pair of Tufnol end caps to own mallet


Supply and fit pair of inner caps and pair of Tufnol end caps


Remove worn or damaged brass bands on own mallet head and replace with inner and outer Tufnol end caps


Fit Tufnol end caps to brass banded mallet heads and refit original bands


Remove old grip, supply and fit new grip



Postage and Packaging via APC Courier Services


For destinations outside the UK, contact me for a quotation.
Second hand packaging (bubblewrap) will be used if available.



All quotations are valid for 30 days only.



If customer is not entirely happy with their mallet, provided it is undamaged and un-engraved I will endeavour to change (though this might not be possible if the mallet to be returned has been made to a personalised specification).


* CITES (the Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and Flora, also known as the Washington Convention) is a multilateral treaty to protect endangered plants and animals.

Many of the timber types I have used in the past have recently come under the CITES jurisdiction and have now become very expensive (up to 300% increase in the past 12 months), so much so that some timbers are now unavailable. The following timbers: Australian Myrtle, Burbinga, Chechen, Cocobolo (Rosewood), Ebony, Indian Rosewood, Kingwood, Leadwood, Lignum Vitae, Mexican Rosewood, Olive, Purple Heart and Satinwood are still available but a premium of £30.00 per mallet must be added to each mallet.

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