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Standard Club Mallet

Supplied with 34" to 38" (86.3cm to 96.5cm) ash handles and African hardwood heads now fitted with two pairs of 6mm thick end caps. This mallet includes inner end caps that are screwed and glued onto the head making the mallet heads less susceptible to moisture and heat and therefore more robust.

Discounts available for orders of 5 or more.

Type 2 Club Mallet

Children's Mallets

A range of children's mallets are now available. Made to the same exacting standards as the full size club mallets and to any size and weight required. All have ash handles, hardwood heads, sight line, SRBP end caps and various coloured handle grips.

These mallets have also been successfully used by wheelchair users.

Discounts available for orders of 5 or more mallets.

Basic Mallet

Adult mallet and new children's mallet

Basic Mallet

Children's mallets;
Silver handle is 25.5" long with a 7" head and weighs 1lb 10ozs
Blue handle is 28" long with a 7.25" head and weighs 1lb 10ozs
Yellow handle is 29.25" long with an 8.25" head and weighs 2lbs 1ozs

All of the above mallets come with a head, shaft and coloured handle grip of your choice.

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